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ASLAT Consulting

ASLAT Consulting is an independent consultancy that provides project development and commercial services to infrastructure and energy sectors across Australia. Based in Brisbane, ASLAT Consulting works with both government and private sector clients across Australia and internationally. We are particularly experienced operating for overseas clients looking to establish new projects in Australia.
We have a wealth of experience in project development and extensive commercial, contract and project management expertise. We balance cost, time and risk from concept feasibility through to design, procurement, construction and operations.

Our team of professionals have skills in:

  • Project development and construction planning for transport infrastructure, energy and renewables
  • Commercial management and services for large joint venture and PPP projects such as road and rail infrastructure
  • Portfolio and program advisory services

We provide project advice across every phase of the project lifecycle, from project feasibility to delivery and operations.We can lead and develop project feasibility studies to identify the best project solution and procure, monitor and manage projects to deliver social and commercial objectives.